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*******Please click on link below for important FEMA information*****

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Claim Information

Available Claim Forms

To submit a claim use one of the appropriate company links below. If none are available for your particular claim, please contact us directly.

America First Insurance
Association Casualty

BenefitMall Individual Exchange

Burns & Wilcox
Columbia Insurance Group


Foremost Insurance Group
Liberty Mutual
Mercury Insurance
National Flood Services
Ohio Casualty Group
Texas Fair Plan
Texas Mutual Insurance Co.
Utica National Insurance Group

 Business Insurance Claims

Foremost              800-435-7764

Liberty Mutual      800-362-0000

Mercury                877-707-7987

Philadelphia         800-765-9749

Travelers              800-238-6225

United Fire           800-343-9131

Zurich                  800-987-3373



Personal Insurance Claims

AIG                                   888-760-9195

Bankers Standard/Ace     800-945-7461

Chubb                               800-252-4670

Essex/Markel/Evanston    800-362-7535

Lexington                          617-330-1100

Mt. Vernon/USLI              888-523-5545

Scottsdale/Nationwide     800-423-7675

 UPC                                888-256-3378

Western World                 800-869-8600



Flood Claims                   800-725-9472

Texas Windstorm            800-788-8247

*****Important FEMA Information********


Homeowners.... You must go through your insurance company first.....FEMA comes in behind your insurance for further possible assistance...

You must register 1-800-621-3362 If you lost income because you can't go to work... Call FEMA 1-800-621-3362 and register for disaster unemployment If your vehicle flooded out in the storm....

You'll need to have liability coverage on your vehicle at the time of the disaster, your title and registration for FEMA (1800-621-3362) to pay.

If you have full coverage you must file with your insurance company first.

If you're under mandatory evacuation... Call FEMA and register... You will get up to 2 months of rental assistance at the fair market value of your area.

If you have bills you are behind in or if you have some coming due you can call them EVERY COMPANY is pushing back due dates & some are even credited full months of service if you're in Houston or surrounding areas.

Call your light companies, phone companies, cable companies, etc and ask them for extensions to give yourself time to come back from this disaster!!

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